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Welcome to your environmentally friendly solution to any dress code.
Free from zips, fastenings and labels, SDress is ultrasonically bonded and sculpts the figure comfortably like a second skin.
Low on maintenance but high on impact, machine washable and no iron.
Perfect for travel as it doesn’t crease or lint, maintaining an impeccable look at all times.
Gentle to your skin as well as the environment, it even protects you from UV rays.
Reduce your carbon footprint, embrace effortless sustainablity.

SDress Yourself.

As seen on Amal Clooney, Dame Helen Mirren, Judy Murray and Rose Leslie.


  • Inspiration

    SDress is fantastically versatile, easily dressed up or down to suit any task at hand, situation or occasion, planned or unplanned. Dana is one of our most versatile dresses as the sashes can be tied in at least six different ways to create a new dress every time.

  • Inspiration

    Minimalist or flamboyant, depending wether you want to tie it in a big bow or simple tie. Tie it in front or at the back, with or without the bow. Pull the sashes to create a desired sculpting effect.

  • Inspiration

    Pass the ties around the waist only once and leave them longer or pass them around twice and create a simple belt. Play with it and let your imagination create the look that will satisfy how you feel at the time. read more